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Meet the Wise Team: Abraham Gusman

BY : Wise Team

Contrary to popular belief, there are guarantees in life. One thing you can definitely count on is that you will be faced, at one point or another, with an obstacle. Being aware of an obstacle may be half the battle, but just because you’re halfway there, doesn’t mean it’s going to be smooth sailings from that point on. After awareness, after taking action, after the battle is won, if you didn’t let yourself get discouraged at any point along the way, you’ll have so much more to gain.

Wise’s president Abraham Gusman has always been very results-driven. Although this would seem like an ideal trait to have, he’s had to hone it over time for it to become a positive. As a teenager, the fear of failing, of not yielding anything, would often stop him from even trying stuff out. At twenty-three, he joined the Jewish General Hospital as a financial analyst and proved to himself that by focusing on his goals, not the what-ifs, he could achieve anything he set his mind to. Through this experience, he also discovered how much helping others meant to him. His work enabled the hospital to save time and money, therefore allowing them to provide better care for their patients. A similar scenario unfolded at RISE Kombucha, where, as VP of operations, Abraham managed to take the company from small artisanal venture to serious player in the beverage world .

Being self-aware is something his parents have helped him with over the years, which has lead to an endless pursuit of self-improvement on a physical, mental and emotional level. Abraham is very demanding of himself, but that is how he thrives. The way he sees wisdom can be summed up with an old proverb that goes something like: “a clever man can get himself out of situations that a wise man wouldn’t get himself into to begin with”. Which is why he’s taken it upon himself to ensure Wise is also self-aware, that we always make the right decisions when it comes to our products and our environment. Because we only have one shot at making the world the best it can be and no obstacle is too great.


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