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Meet the Wise Team: Alex S. Hamouti

BY : Wise Team

Some take years, maybe even a lifetime to find their calling, some may never find it, and some, at a young age, don’t even realize they already have because it is so engrained in who they are.

When he was twelve years old, Alex S. Hamouti immigrated to Canada with his parents. At that point, North America was the third continent he’d call home and, it goes without saying, he picked up a few pointers on the way. In elementary school, he would buy superhero postcards and pens in bulk to resell between classes for a small profit. He had knack for business; it was completely innate and it still is.

Today, Alex is a father and he takes great joy in sharing all the things he loves with his young son, providing him with experiences that he will fondly carry into adulthood. They’ve already seen many cities together; travel still considered an important pillar of his life with twenty-five countries under his belt and counting. It’s what revives his mind and helps him stay grounded. By showing his child all the world has to offer, he’s also hoping to instil in him all the reasons it needs protecting. Because Alex believes that wisdom is being aware that every choice and action made, as little as it may seem, can have limitless consequences, whether they impact the people that surround us or our surroundings themselves. This is the kind of wisdom he believes his son is on the road to discovering with a little help from papa.

Creating a better world for the next generation and those to follow is at the top of the priority list for Alex. Being responsible for operations and a pillar of business strategy at Wise, he’s in the driver’s seat when it comes to making sure we’re on the right track and the wheels are running smoothly. We couldn’t be in better hands.


As an avid traveller Alex’s favorite Wise product is the Birch Bark Shampoo in the refill pouch. Click on the link below to explore.

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