The Many Sides of Elias Theodorou

The Many Sides of Elias Theodorou

BY : Abraham Gusman

We were very picky when selecting ambassadors for Wise. It was essential for us to build relationships with people who inspire us and who motivate us to be greater individuals, community leaders and entrepreneurs.

Elias Theodorou is a modern renaissance man and one of the most active people I’ve ever met.

First off, Elias is an elite UFC fighter. He’s scratching at the top 10 rankings in the world, meaning that he’s truly a world class athlete. Now I won’t hide the fact that I’m an avid Mixed Martial Arts fan. I have an immense respect for these athletes that train so hard in so many different disciplines. I truly believe that it’s the most difficult and demanding sport in the world. But that being said, there’s something extremely unique about Elias, even in the wild world of MMA.

Born and raised in Toronto, Elias has always been into sports. In his teenage years he was semi-pro skateboarder, developing the dexterity and agility that would later help define his MMA style. The Spartan, the nickname Elias often goes by due to his Greek background, actually started his MMA career quite late in life, with no formal martial arts training, which makes his rise in the sport that much more impressive.

Elias trains multiple times a day. He showers after each training session to prevent skin infections that can easily spread between training partners. Considering how often he showers, he needs grooming products that are effective yet gentle on the hair, scalp and skin. That's why he uses the Birch Bark Shampoo, the Sea Kelp Soap and the Willowherb Heard Face Cleanser.

Being a professional athlete provides an amazing platform that allows people to spread a message of health and growth to a massive audience. Elias is using his platform as an activist to bring attention to causes that are dear to him, always in a playful and exciting way.

First off, he’s the world’s first Ring Boy for Invicta FC, an all female MMA organization. Elias wants to help promote gender equality in a sport where women have recently become the biggest stars.

Self care is a pillar of any athlete's career, especially in a sport that is as demanding on the body as MMA. One of the healthiest ways that Elias has found to care for the bilateral neuropathic pain that he suffers from in his wrists is with medicinal cannabis, a natural alternative to common opioid based pain killers. He’s become an activist in the fight to destigmatize the medicinal use of cannabis by educating how to incorporate cannabis in a healthy lifestyle.

Elias is a natural entrepreneur. He puts his university degree in marketing to good use, constantly growing his brand. He’s an actor and a model, occasionally even doing some stand up comedy!

Elias’ drive and discipline, as well as his forward thinking ways are a great inspiration to us and we’re really happy to count Elias as one of our ambassadors. We’re working on some fantastic new content together in the months to come, as we continue on this road to wisdom together.

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