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September 23, 2021 3 min read

While purposeful living requires a hefty amount of care and consciousness put into each and every action taken and thought processed, it remains one of the ultimate ways towards peace of mind and healthy internal equilibrium. That’s where some alternative medicine practices and perspectives such as Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese medicine come into play.

We are currently entering the very nip of the new upcoming fall season, but what does it really mean? How should we cleverly deal with this particular transition? One great place to start is to be inspired by nature and its behaviour throughout an infallible structured timeframe. Trees are a good allegory, as they carry on their beautiful cycle of rebirth and release of what no longer serves them in an unconditional fashion. According to traditional Chinese medicine, seasons are associated with a specific thread, starting from an organ all the way to its corresponding emotion. In this case, our lungs are one of the ruled organs of autumn, which dominates the skin and is connected to the feeling of grief. Exploring first the connexion between our lungs and this current season is a direct invitation to pay a sharper attention on our breathing. It can aso be interesting to jump on the opportunity and add a therapeutic component to it by incorporating essential oil diffusing. Their potent effects can inevitably impact our mental and/or physical health, depending on the essential oil used. It is also what Wise is attempting to achieve with the thoughtfully developed formulations and overall product experience.

On the flip side, it's prime time to focus on grounding ourselves with not only the mindful breathing, but harvesting the fruits of any previous work and efforts, and above all, letting go of any bad habits. 
Breaking a bad habit is an art in itself, and the reason why it feels painful to practice is because the human brain is wired to think that comfort zones equal safety/survival. Although every art form is framed by a theory to equip yourself with the right tools to get to any levels of mastery.


First off, laying out your habit patterns can help identify, grasp your head around the root cause of your triggers and rationalize them instead of leaving the power to purely emotional impulses. It also allows you to recognize the instant rewards your brain is looking for every time you give into those habits. On the other hand, listing the reasons why you want to cease the pattern and the core values you endeavour the most is a great tool to trick yourself into unlearning the habit while stroking the ego, which is the brain’s sweetest candy. For instance, using the following affirmation: “I do not not smoke cigarettes anymore because striving for the highest levels of health is what my person is all about, because my body deserves to be treated accordingly” can turnover your perspective, leaving you with a feeling of satisfaction and pride in oneself. Even better, replacing the negations in your affirmations for positive goals reinforce the call to action and clarify said goal. Once you acquire a holistic awareness behind this vicious cycle, without dismissing the eventual setbacks you might face, you can go ahead and set achievable milestones for yourself. Separate your journey in steps. Fixing a single end goal will set you up for failure and your brain will inevitably throw the towel at some point. Every little milestone attained adds up to the satisfactory feeling of ego stroking, and sends a message to your brain that this journey is worth carrying on with.

Understanding the different links between how our body works and the laws of nature opens up the mind to advanced alternatives for each of our pilgrimages towards self-healing; where we feel it is utterly tailored to the actual deep human nature. In fact, the efforts of adjusting our lifestyle and daily routines according to the seasons provides a symbiotic life balance.


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