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August 03, 2019 2 min read

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Phenoxyethanol, have I lost you yet ?

Self care shouldn’t be confusing. It doesn’t take a handful of harmful chemicals to keep your hair looking and feeling great. 

Making the switch to natural grooming products can seem daunting and scary but we’re here to help with these 5 Things You Should Know Before Switching To Natural Shampoo & Conditioner

  1. Expect to invest in yourself. 

With multi-million dollar companies using a laundry list of fillers and synthetic ingredients, it’s no wonder you can easily access self care products for pocket change these days. Although the price tag on natural shampoos & conditioners may vary and seem steeper it’s important to remember: Quality over Quantity. You’re natural products are more likely to stretch over a larger period of time and can improve the health and quality of your hair and scalp resulting in less use over time.

  1. Anticipate change.

You can pretty much guarantee that switching any type of routine can involve a few bumps in the road. For many of us, we’ve grown up only using drugstore shampoos and conditioners and only know that super foamy, sudsy, overly fragrant experience. Not all natural haircare products are the same but you can anticipate a very different experience. In addition, to the smell, texture and packaging being different the way your hair absorbs the product itself may be another learning curve. Embrace the change, be patient and stick to your new routine before throwing the towel in. 

  1. “Natural” doesn’t mean Non-Toxic.

Just because something is labeled as “natural” doesn’t mean it’s the best viable option. We recommend asking yourself a few important questions. Is the packaging Recyclable ? Are the ingredients inside non-toxic ? Is it ethically manufactured ? Is it tested on animals ? Companies will use big buzz words to trick you into believing you’re purchasing an eco-friendly, “natural” product but simply reading the label can reveal otherwise. 

  1. Your body will thank you.

Not only can you feel good about helping the planet but you can expect to feel better overall. We were never meant to be exposed to synthetic harmful products and definitely not at a skin contact level. Switching routines and eliminating the absorption of dangerous chemicals (some being proven to be cancerous) is a no brainer. 

  1. There’s something for everyone. 

The trial and error phase. We’re here to reassure you that there is in fact a eco-friendly grooming routine out there for everyone. It may take some testing. It may take some time. It may take some DIY’ing. But you’ll get there. Our Natural Shampoo  and conditioner are a great starting point, made from natural ingredients (Yes, they’re biodegradable!), and scented with essential oils resulting in a very soft all inclusive option for anyone to enjoy. 

So if you’re thinking of making the switch, remember to go slow, try things, be patient, and do what works best for you.

Already made the switch ? Share your natural self care journey below !


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