Wise Community Event #1: Lululemon x SPIN Energie

Wise Community Event #1: Lululemon x SPIN Energie

BY : Wise Team

One of the main pillars of Wise is the community we’re building. We’re all about connecting like minded people who want to grow together and help each other live to their fullest potential.

We recently hosted our first community event, partnering up with Spin Energie, Montreal’s most vibrant spinning studio, and with one of our corporate inspirations, Lululemon.

The goal of the night was pretty straightforward. Bring together active and motivated people (men in this case) who come from different backgrounds but who share many common values. Have them sweat together in the spinning room and see if any sparks fly. And did they ever!

The connection between the gentlemen in the spin studio was amazing! The room was filled up people, aged 23 to 55, careers ranging from corporate wellness coach, to actor, to entrepreneur, to crossfit and mma athletes and doctor. Many different paths in life, but these men shared values that went far beyond their career choices or their demographics.

We all care about health, physical and mental. Fitness is a big part of that but not the only one. Mental well being is as important, often more so. It’s relatively simple to get into better physical shape. Mental health is a complex topic to handle and it was incredible to see so many people willing to share their experiences with each other, unafraid and caring.

We plan on doing these events every couple of months, with group activities ranging from yoga, running, martial arts and group workouts, to Q&A sessions with invited speakers and groups workshops.

Feel free to contact us if you’d like to participate in our next events!


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