Wise Video: The Art of Soap Making

Wise Video: The Art of Soap Making

BY : Wise Team

Soap making is an art. For thousands of years, bars of natural soap have been an important part of grooming routines around the world.

We wanted to share with you how our Sea Kelp Soap is made.

Here's a step by step video breakdown of how our Sea Kelp Soap is crafted. We wanted to bring light to the detailed and labour intensive process. Every part of the soap making is done by hand, from the melting of the raw ingredient to the soap cutting.

Canadian Sea Kelp helps your skin stay healthy by helping it retain moisture, while the essential oil mix brings you on a journey into the crisp Atlantic ocean, with slightly salty, refreshing aromas.


Made with Olive and Coconut oil. We never use Palm Oil.

Ingredients matter 🍽

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