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août 14, 2019 1 min read


Bob Boilen said it best,“In a perfect world, there'd be no crowded bar shows or super-sized arena concerts. Musicians would come to your home for a private performance, or they'd show up at your office and play at your desk, easing you through the workday.” 


Thursday July 11th 2019, we invited a few friends to the Shop, posted up in the living room and filmed our first Wise Acoustic Concert. 


Montreal based Singer/Songwriter Miko stopped by to play some music and be featured as our first artist in the Wise Acoustic Concert series with guest Soran. The duo brings a deep, emotional, fun-loving, vibe to the space. Check out the full set of original songs (and even a bonus cover). 

We later recorded a podcast with Miko.


Here's the full concert. 



Set List:

-Credit Cards and Broken Hearts

-Half In Love

-Ready Set GO


-I Do Me, You do You

-Billionaire (Cover)


-Jack of All Trades


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